Short classes:

Sponsored Ads D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) Kit


Contains: 90min master class containing all you need to know about running effective ads on Instagram.

++ Bonuses++:
- Free cheat-sheet of Audience Interests (value: N3,500)
- Handbook of Common ads errors & how to fix them (value: N5,000)

You will learn:
✅ Why your ads don't work and mistakes to stop making
✅ Our formula for highly effective ads
✅ How to choose the right audience & budget
✅ Which types of ads convert more and why 
✅ How to set up your ads account without errors
✅ How to resolve issues with your ads & ads account 

This package is right for you if:

- Rather run ads yourself and cut out the middle man (agencies)
- You’d like to create ads that lead to new sales and new followers
- Want to stop wasting money on ineffective ads
- Would like to troubleshoot your own ads account and ad errors.

Growing Your Online Audience


Would you like to learn how to build an audience of not just followers but your ideal potential customers?

This class is for you if:

- You want to increase your online followers 
- You would like to attract potential customers for your brand
- You want to turn your audience into  an engaged community for your brand/company

You will learn:
1. How to identify your audience 
2. How to build an engaged community of people who are interested in your products/services  
3. The recipe for scaling your audience growth.

Duration: 70 mins
Canva Design Class


This 3-part bundle lesson teaches you a mix of basic to advanced Canva tools and features to make better designs.  

You will learn:
✅ How to create pro-looking fliers
✅ Using images and illustrations in your designs
✅ Creating catchy Text effects
✅ Grouping, positioning and other advanced tricks.

 This class is right for you if:

- You want to create more professional looking social media content 
- You are a beginner/intermediate-level Canva user
- You want to brush up your Canva skills to make money online

Duration: 60 mins



“The class was very informative. I learnt a lot, some of which I have started to implement”

— Customer Review 
“I like how involved you were, you really knew what you were talking about.”

— Customer Review
“The training was really lovely. Thanks for this opportunity.”

— Customer Review
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